Thirties shmirties

On March 15, I turned 30. If you’re expecting to find any sort of negativity and depression here I hate to disappoint you (but not really). I didn’t find it even slightly dramatic. Just another birthday. Just another year. I had a friend tell me, as if to prep me, that she cried herself to sleep on the last night as a 29-year-old. Why? I don’t really care. With every year I feel more like myself, I adore the experiences that I gather and I’m closer to accomplishing my long-term goals.


Besides my entering my fourth decade in this world, my boyfriend and I also got engaged. And we’re getting married in September. Six months for planning a wedding? Sure. Why would we ever take the easier, slower process when we can stress ourselves out?

giphy (1).gif

Besides that I’m also in the process of finishing editing my first draft of my second book, which means I need to get it ready and think about having beta readers read it and how to go about it. Of course, keeping in mind that my goal is to publish it by the beginning of summer. Again, why would I ever take the easier, slower process when I can stress myself out?

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What’s your year been like so far? Any exciting news? Any new plans?


15 thoughts on “Thirties shmirties

  1. First Kristina, many congratulations on your engagement. What a great start to your 30th year (great year to be too). As for 6 months to plan wedding, I got married at 3 days notice. The story behind that would make an interesting book = but no, I’m not going to write it. Petronela’s parents still not completely aware of the story.
    Good to hear your second story is progressing well. We’re waiting.


  2. Wow, sounds like you 2018 has been eventful. Happy belated Congrats on turning 30 and I hope your book does well this summer. Ask for what my year has been like? (“-__-)Well, it has been very “interesting”, in between with dealing with my random adventure between my friends and certain female friends/acquaintances not to mention the drama. It has been quite hectic. From being looked as a terrorist in front of a POI to discovering a major secret of someone I(somewhat) care about. Yeah, definitely interesting. Either way, I wish you luck! (^_^)b


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