OCD Seduction

Povezana slika

He sauntered towards her, making her heart beat increase. She heard the pulse in her ears as she watched him, anticipating what he’s going to do. She could feel her palms tingling with the need to be placed on him. She felt hot in more ways than one. Eager to kiss him. To touch him. He paralyzed her in the spot with his intense gaze, promising her everything she wanted. Physically. Emotionally. Now and then.

His eyes roamed her body, moving up, scanning her mouth while licking his lips. As their eyes locked again, he molded his lips to hers, taking everything and giving her all. Showing her just how much she means to him. Just how much he finds her attractive.

Ripping each other’s clothes off their bodies, he lifted her onto the counter, pushing himself against her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. A moan escaped her lips, as he kept displaying her what she does to him, how she unravels him. His tongue made his way down, enticing the skin on her neck.

When he pulled away and stared at her with his devilish eyes, he smirked and cleared everything from the flat surface.

She gasped. “Are you out of your mind?” She pushed him away and climbed off the counter.


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