Bookish This or That Tag

I saw this one on a blog and I thought I would try it. So here it goes…

Audiobook or textbook?

I’ve never tried listening to an audiobook and I can’t imagine ever trying it. I just love the feeling of choosing and buying a book, finding the time to open it and actually read it by myself.

Paperback or hardback?

Paperback because I always carry a book with me and they’re lighter and easier to cram onto bookshelves and into bags.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Fiction. Fiction. Fiction. I’ve only read a few non-fiction books. If I were to choose it, it would have to be something I’m really interested in, maybe something that can educate me on life (something philosophical or something similar).

Harry Potter or Twilight?

I’ve read both and at the time of reading each I enjoyed it but I wouldn’t go and re-read Twilight. So without a single doubt… Harry Bloody Potter. I’d say that Twilight has Robert Pattinson going for it but then again so does HP.

Bookshop or online?

In a perfect scenario it would be a bookshop. Walking between aisles filled with books, my arms and shopping basket overflowing with new picks, but to be honest I don’t have that option anywhere near me so I opt for buying books online. And I love getting books in the mail, opening the box and having a brand new book to read.

Standalone or trilogy?

It’s hard to say. If it’s a standalone and it’s really good then I’d want it to continue in two more books. But if it’s not that great and there are three…I’m screwed.

Sweet and short or heavy and long?

Heavy and long. Why does that sound dirty? (Probably because I have a dirty mind.)

Cosy read or reading in the sun?

Anywhere and anytime.

However, I’m more of a summer person so my perfect day would be made of a beach, a book, a cocktail and some music.

Hot chocolate or coffee?

Neither. Give me some warm green tea with lemon and ginger, sweetened with honey and I’m happy.


What would your answers be? Let me know in the comments or do the tag. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Bookish This or That Tag

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  2. Pretty much all the same answers except for the bookstore. I have a Barnes and Noble near me and enormous Powell’s Books. Especially Powell’s is a special book lover’s paradise. And i like a big glass of iced tea with my books. Even in winter. You and i have much in common though. 🙂


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