2018…so far


I’ve seen quite some posts about the goals you’ve accomplished already and what you’re looking forward to. So I thought (at the encouragement of a blogging and writing friend) I’d share with you some of the things I have coming up and the timeline of it all.

Yesterday, I finally started my annual holiday and I’m so excited for everything summer has to offer. I’m planning on finishing up the editing process, changing the cover of my first book and publishing my second book simultaneously with the new edition of the first novel, and I want to do it by the end of summer.

Then, we are finishing the planning of our wedding. Things so far are going great and we are actually having fun equally partaking in the process. It’s going to be a bohemian garden wedding. We are inviting just our closest family and friends, engulfing ourselves in flowers, candles and nature, enjoying the food and drinks. Let’s just hope the weather on September 1 doesn’t decide to be a nasty party pooper. For my bachelorette party my phenomenal sister is taking me on a 4-day trip to the Croatian coast. We’ve always wanted to have a holiday with just the two of us but never managed to actually do it, so this it the perfect opportunity to do so.

After the wedding we are returning back to work and planning our honeymoon. We are thinking about Maldives. I’ve always wanted to travel there and stay in the bungalows on the water.

We’re spending Christmas holidays in Slovenia and immediately afterwards we’re moving to India for two years. In the middle of all of it we are making our home.

One could say there is a lot on our plates but we are taking one step at a time, focusing on positives and the fact that we’re making our future and union. No complicating and bitching. So there is a lot of love and enthusiasm poured into every single event.

It’s going to be one hell of a summer. And fall. And winter.


What are you up to?


2 thoughts on “2018…so far

  1. That all sounds wonderful Kristina. An ‘intimate’ wedding is sure to be great and yours sounds superb (we too had only family and close friends and were so glad we did that). A year to remember!


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