Turning mistakes into progress

Progress comes from mistakes. It’s one of the most difficult lessons I’ve learned. I’ve always been someone obsessed with perfection, with not allowing myself to make any mistakes, striving to be an ideal. I wouldn’t say I’ve been completely rehabilitated but I’ve accepted that just as rules are made to be broken mistakes are made to be made and learned from.

Experience, faults, false moves and wrong decisions are there to teach us, to make us grow. We mustn’t be scared to make mistakes, we must be terrified of not learning from them. Of course, you feel disappointed and sad after making a mistake and it’s hard to remind yourself that it’s a chance to evolve. But even though it’s hard it’s more than necessary.

I’m sure that each of us if we look back can pinpoint everything we could or should have done differently, but what good does hindsight do if you don’t use in the future? You’re not a failure by doing a mistake, it’s not a crime. But you should do yourself some good and not wallow over mistakes and simply move on from them. Progress and evolve with your past mistakes in mind, wear them like medals because they have made you better, wiser and more experienced. You don’t have to be ashamed of them.

Mistakes are never failures but always lessons.


6 thoughts on “Turning mistakes into progress

  1. A lesson, succinctly delivered, which everyone should learn. Perhaps then the epidemics of stress and depression, rife now in the teaching profession in the UK, and in other professions and in other countries I suspect, would be lessened.


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