Shades of Love

Rezultat iskanja slik za a grey heart

On gloomy and melancholic days, fueled by a lovers’ spat, letting the aftermath of the negative emotions take over you, one might think that the world and life would be much easier if there weren’t for love.

We all know that when love takes over your heart, it clouds your mind. In a positive or negative way. Nothing seems black and white anymore, there are nuances to everything. You can find yourself confused, unable to take the step that you need to, not feeling like yourself. Suddenly no decision about you and your relationship is easy as it once was.

Love can do that to you; it can screw with you. If love and relationships were easy, there would be no divorces and no break-ups. Hearts would be whole and minds wouldn’t be played with.

But that is not the case in real life because nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Sticking with the shades of grey you come to see the bliss in the end. Or you can be chewed up and spat out and end up in complete darkness. Or you can fly too close to the sun and get burnt by the light. You’re fucked either way.

The point is… Whether you end up in the white or the black, the space in the middle is worth it. It’s better to love and to lose than to never love at all.


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