What I’ve read…

I’m loving the fact that I’ve been very good with reading lately. I don’t know when or how but somehow I’ve been managing to find the time to pull out my Kindle and do some reading. I’ve also been reading e-books and not paper books which is making me think about whether I should make myself buy physical editions. But having an e-reader just makes it so easier and faster. What a dilemma! 🙂

Here’s what I liked:

Posnetek zaslona (14)

I found all 4 to be entertaining and enjoyable. They were the perfect relaxation after a long day and during my cold. I’m definitely not sorry I had chosen Meghan Quinn’s books.

But the book I really didn’t like and was sorry I wasted my money on was:Posnetek zaslona (15)


The story didn’t flow, there were plot holes and I just didn’t feel the connection or the attraction. The only thing I was excited about was the freaking end. I finished it on Friday and I haven’t been able to choose my next book because of it. I need help!


Have you read any good romance novels lately and can give me some recommendations? Not that I don’t have many books on my TBR but still… Let me hear your suggestions!


3 thoughts on “What I’ve read…

  1. Sorry I cannot make recommendations as I don’t read that kind of book, other than yours. In fact, I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been reading anything lately; I have been writing quite a lot but recently read a blog post about the November challenge to write 50,000 in the month and recommending that we would better be challenged to read rather than write. Having given that some thought I’ve decided I should do that. In the distant past I was an avid reader and it is to that I credit my good English and substantial vocabulary, so I always told my students to read, read, read. I think I should begin to take my own advice.


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