I listen to the sound of a plane flying over the house and it takes my thoughts with it. I go outside to watch it disappear in the distance like I did with you yesterday morning.

I wonder where you are and what you are doing now. If you are thinking about me and what I’m doing. I feel nervous for you to be safe and pleased with how your day is going. Hoping you haven’t let yourself or someone else stress you out too much.

I wish the week would fly by like the second plane over my head. I want you to come home. I want you here.

I want to put my hands on you, my lips on yours. I want to have you in my arms. I want to smell you and not the fragrance leftovers you’ve left behind in our bed and are vanishing with every moment.

I want your steady breathing to lull me to sleep every night. I want to feel your warmth at night. I want to wake up to you whining about wanting to have some more sleep. I want to eat my breakfast and sip my tea with you. Even if you make a mess my OCD ass doesn’t want to see.

I want the plane to bring you back. I want you here.

2 thoughts on “Planes

  1. Feelings, well put, felt by many on many occasions I’m sure. On the other hand, as the first plane of the morning from the local airport passes overhead here I muse that there must be some left behind thinking “Thank God she/he’s gone for a while.” 😉


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