Like a Balloon

It’s been more than ten hours from the text but the time didn’t make it better; it made it worse. The frustration she felt morphed into anger and now, her mind not needed anywhere else, she could witness and sense the anger progressing into rage like a blazing ball. She couldn’t calm herself down; she couldn’t move. The fury was numbing, paralyzing, and so her body was still as her mind turned and her heart beat like a maniac against her rib cage. What she would do to have them in front of her! Then her body definitely wouldn’t be incapacitated. She needed someone to serve as the target but it was just her there. Just her and the maddening ire that was slithering through her veins, wrapping itself around her throat, squeezing and twisting until it felt like there was no other way but to release some of the pressure. Or she would fall victim to it. She tried not to kick and scream but every moment added more to the pile. Added and smothered her. And soon like in a highlight reel, every moment, every word, every person flashed before her eyes and the scream pierced the silence and darkness of her bedroom, probably heard in every bedroom in the houses around hers. But she didn’t care, she let out another yell. And another one. Until she felt deflated. Like a balloon.


4 thoughts on “Like a Balloon

  1. I resonated with this. I can remember a few times I’ve said something with the intention of finding closure and I felt horrible for hours; but as days went on I felt better. Giving/receiving closure is the best form of acceptance. Good job writing about this!

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