It Exists

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True love exists. It exists in novels, movies, songs. It exists in real life. It happens in fictional and actual stories.


How do I know?

Because women, when they love truly and deeply, are capable of changing their men. They’re capable of transforming a cynic into a romantic, a player into a husband.


Because men, when they love truly and deeply and admit it to themselves, are capable of being changed. They’re capable of allowing their loved ones to change them. And they provoke change from their partners too.

Are you sure?

Not believing in true love is a hopeless place where there is no room for improvement, for evolution. It has no trust, no respect. It’s a world doomed from the start. True love prevails everything.

6 thoughts on “It Exists

  1. That’s a thought provoking post.
    I’m not sure your basic premise is right though. Some might argue that ‘true love’ accepts a person as they are and doesn’t seek to change them.
    I might argue that the attraction between the two protagonists in your novels was not true love though it certainly changed them, both of them not just the man. Perhaps ‘true love’ for the changed persons developed but I’m not sure; maybe the third book in your trilogy will resolve this.


    • However you interpret the love in Equinox and Eclipse is up to you. You’re the reader and it’s your interpretation. 🙂 I’m channeling Freddie Mercury here: I won’t ever say how someone should feel when they read my books.
      When it comes to the post… I don’t think anything, including true loves, is universal. There are different version because there are different people and relationships. And I agree that when you love, you accept. I didn’t write about “wanting to change them”. The idea is that we are influenced by someone and hence we change ourselves. I believe that every important experience, person, adventure etc leaves a mark and if you accept it, you change. So it’s more of an internal process. I hope I am being clear what my idea was. 🙂


      • It’s so good to find a blogger willing to debate a little, thank you. So often a ‘like’ simply means the ‘liker’ has read the post, often not even that, just the opening shown in the reader.
        I guess we all wonder what we mean by ‘true love’, let alone what other people mean.
        My little ‘poem’ of a few weeks ago (23 May) was a small protest about the meaningless use of some words which had some power in the past, including ‘love’. I could have added ‘like’. My thinking on ‘love’ at the moment is probably influenced by Somerset Maugham, reading his ‘Of Human Bondage’.


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