A Second

Povezana slika

She hasn’t moved from the spot in the corner. Right between the two walls is where she feels the safest. Nothing else, no one else seems like a source of security. Nothing protects her.

Last night was the night she put some much pressure and importance into. She thought it would change her life for the better. Change the path of her life in the most joyful and blessed way.

And yet… A second can change everything. A second did just that.

Sarah was on the way to meet her for their six-month anniversary dinner when a moment of carelessness destroyed everything they had talked about, everything they had built, and everything they would have created together. One red light and their dreams shattered into millions of tiny pieces that didn’t know where they fit anymore. Because everything fit with Sarah. She fit with Sarah. Her life fit into Sarah’s.

Now she doesn’t know where she fits. She doesn’t know where her place is.

She is still clutching her phone, even though it’s been hours since she got the call of Sarah’s death. She is afraid of her thoughts, of feeling Sarah’s loss, of thinking about her life without her would-be fiancée. The desperation is all-consuming. It’s like an avalanche behind the front door. If one pebble came through, everything else would follow. And she would be buried under it, trapped and unsure if she wanted to get out.

What does it all mean? What does it all mean without the person you love? Without the person you wanted to spend your life with? Is it a life worth living? Are you worth of living?

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