One Year


I remember coming down the stairs and seeing you in your suit. I remember your eyes glistening when you saw me in my wedding dress. Walking towards and between those closest to us. I remember feeling ecstasy I never thought I could. It was a glorious night, a wonderful event that merged two rivers of life into one strong current. And every person there could feel the dedication and love we had, have for each other.

It warms my heart to think of how it felt to wake up the next morning, elated and proud to be married to you. It hugs my soul to think back on that day, and I feel so proud of what we’ve accomplished since then.

It was a crazy year. There were challenges, changes, and crazy adventures. But we’ve come up on top. And I know that we are strong enough to overcome whatever the universe has to throw at us. I am excited to see where life takes us.

Because I am yours and you are mine… Forever.

Happy anniversary, Hubby!

2 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Many congratulations to you both. What a wonderful acclamation of marriage, particularly in a time when it is decried by so many. As Romanians would say, ‘La mulți ani’, to many more years!


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