The Box

He has been a nervous wreck the entire day. Useless at work, useless at regular tasks he could do with his eyes closed. Not today. Today he can’t even walk straight. He can’t focus on listening. Nothing registers. Nothing beside his boyfriend coming home after a one-week business trip.

He desperately wants to show Seth and confirm how much he means to him, how big of a role he has in Eric’s life. Nothing matters when they are not together; nothing means as much if it isn’t shared with his boyfriend. Lows are easier to overcome, highs are sweeter. The mornings are brighter, the nights warmer. Even Mondays seem pleasant when he wakes up to Seth’s smiley face.

Their apartment is set—decorated with vibrant flowers, lit by candles, their favorite song playing—when he hears the keys juggling in the lock and his heart stops.

Seth doesn’t realize it but he is opening the door into something new, something unknown. Eric drops to his knee, the box in his hand. His eyes are burning, his throat in need of water. This is the most nervous he has ever felt. And the most thrilled. It’s exhilarating.

Seth opens the door and takes in the scene in front of him. He steps toward Eric, the word yes on his lips when he smashes them against his fiancé’s.

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