What Books to Pack?!

Rezultat iskanja slik za suitcase books

Yesterday was the first time when I didn’t have to do a single second of editing and it felt weird. I didn’t know what to do with myself and I kept thinking I was forgetting about something. I didn’t feel like myself because I was missing the story of Taya so much. That’s a good sign though, right?

So this trip we’re taking has perfect timing. We’re traveling to Kuala Lumpur for the long weekend. The main agenda is watching the MotoGP race (huge fan right here πŸ˜‰ ) but we are planning to see the city and have a proper sightseeing holiday.

A week prior to every vacation, I always start thinking about what to pack and at the top of the list are always books, books, books. And some more books. πŸ™‚ When I travel, I love having a Kindle because it makes it so much easier. Otherwise, I could have problems trying to fit everything into my bag.

I have uploaded The Right Swipe by Alisha Ray and The Game by Emma ScottΒ (which is a bundle). I probably won’t manage all three but better be sure than sorry. πŸ™‚ I have also been seeing a lot of books by Cecelia Ahern in India’s bookstore so I want to give her novels a shot and I plan on buying one at the airport.

Have you read any of the authors/books mentioned? Did you like them?

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