It’s December??

Every year I end up saying that it went by so quickly and can’t believe it. This year feels like it’s an alternate reality because I seriously can’t believe it’s freaking December. When? How? Why? (Seriously, if anyone can offer a logical explanation, I’m all ears. 🙂 )

November was great when it came to my reading because I managed to read 6 books. I don’t think I’ve ever reached that number. And this year, so far, I’ve finished 39 novels and I’m on my 40th. How are you doing with your reading in 2019?

I’m currently reading Beautiful Stranger, which I find more enjoyable than Beautiful Bastard, and then I’m going to put my Christmas jammies on, stuff my mouth with gingerbread cookies and hot cocoa, and jump into holiday reads, starting with All Wrapped Up for the Holidays, Christmas in the City, and Christmas at Tiffany’s. Are you reading any Christmas novels?

4 thoughts on “It’s December??

  1. As you know I’m no longer an avid reader, as I was in the past, but recently I heard an interview with author Lee Child on Scala.Radio and, as a fan of detective/thriller books bought his first Jack Reacher book. There are now I think more than 20 to get through.
    For Christmas reading I might break a habit of many years and instead of reading Dickens’s ‘Christmas Carol’ will read some of his other Christmas stories (I have his complete works at home).


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