She keeps her eyes on them, as discreetly as possible, watching them touch each other effortlessly like it’s something natural, something that is a part of them and they don’t give it a single thought. They can’t keep their hands off each other. It’s like they are each other’s extension. A second part of who they are. They are not individuals but seem like a two-for-one deal.

Her heart starts skipping, thinking of having someone like that. Someone that wouldn’t be able to stop looking at her, couldn’t sit next to her without having his hands on her. She loves love. She loves being in love. She loves having a lover. And she misses it. She has only been single for four months, but she misses being in a relationship.

The couple notices her, probably feeling her staring on the back of their necks. She blushes and quickly turns away. She sighs longingly, taking a sip of her tea, getting back to her book.

2 thoughts on “Staring

  1. I never felt this, as far as I remember, when not in a relationship. But now, having been in my present one for 21 years and a day, I have a feeling related to this (as does my wife) when we see an elderly couple sitting over a coffee or walking, hand in hand. Touching, wherever and whenever, it seems to me, is an important part of any successful relationship and I would certainly miss it now.
    As you know, I’m currently trying to finish my novella/novel and your story has prompted me to write in some of the kind of touching you have written about.


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