Come have a look…

Hey! I am a huge believer you should never just be a follower but in this case, you definitely should. So come find me on Instagram and let’s connect there too. 😉

8 thoughts on “Come have a look…

  1. Some lovely pictures of you ( love your pussy cat – I don’t remember you mentioning her/him).
    Not sure I’ll follow your Instagram; I just follow two things there, a photographer and a ‘ballet project’ as I like photos of ballet dancers. But I dip into those two rarely, maybe once a month.
    But I really enjoy following you here.


      • I’ve been going through a difficult time with health so probably I didn’t say all I wanted to say about your proposed new novel based around your experiences of moving to India.
        I’m prompted to say a little more by your ‘like’ on my post about Ailish Sinclair’s first novel. You know that neither of your types of novel are something I would normally read but one based around your experiences moving to India is sure to appeal, so I’m really looking forward to it.
        As I’ve said in my ‘review’ of Ailish’s novel, I really appreciate stories based on real experiences and much of my ‘fiction’ writing is just that, including eg my short story ‘The girl in block 18’ and this is certainly true of my attempts at a first novella/novel.
        Give a stroke to ‘Cat’ for me 😂 .


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