Rezultat iskanja slik za spooning

She kept turning her head back to see if they were still behind her. She didn’t know who it was, a man or a woman. All she knew was she had to keep going and not stop. She had to get away. Escape was all that was on her mind. Her heart was crashing against her chest, beating vigorously; her legs felt like rubber but still heavy like lead; her throat burnt as she struggled to catch her breath.

Her surroundings seemed familiar like she should know where she was and where she should go, but turning every corner she found herself surprised and at a loss what to do next.

She kept moving and sprinting, trying to put some distance between her and whoever was chasing her. Breathless, exhausted, terrified she stumbled up the stairs to her house, having no idea how she managed to find it. There was only a flash of relief. The person was closing in on her. Her fist rumbled against the door. Desperation made the thumping sound like thunder.

No one was coming to the door and she was unable to think and find a solution. The stranger behind her was just a couple of steps away. Her blood froze in fear and she let out a mirror-shattering scream. Grabbing the door handle, she pushed it down and shook it. She fell through the front door and onto the carpet in the hall…

…Waking up. Her eyes shot open. She looked around frantically, her breaths shallow and rapid. She touched her forehead, still struggling to calm herself down.

She lied back down and put her arms around her husband, clutching on to him like a liferaft. She copied the frequency of his deep breaths, let his fragrance hypnotize her into drowsiness. Finally, his warmth lulled her to a dreamless sleep.

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