Well, another week and another week of quarantine. Here, in India, they have prolonged the lockdown for three more weeks. I am keeping myself busy, trying not to focus on everything we could be doing and everything I want to do. I hope that you are all sticking to the instructions and rules because we all have a role to play in this. So be responsible!

To be fair, I thought I’d be reading and writing much more than I actually am. I have barely finished one book, the chapter of my manuscript keeps waiting to be done and I keep finding things to do around the house.

I read Roomies last week and loved it and now I’m reading Beautiful Beginning. Do you see the pattern here? I’m making my way through Christina Lauren’s books. 🙂 Besides that, I’m trying to finish my current manuscript by the end of April and I need to kick into the highest gear to make that happen.

What have you been reading? Or doing during being forced to stay at home?

Are you okay?

7 thoughts on “QuaranReading

  1. Hi Kristina. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my silly ‘poem’.
    As you know I have not been reading very much in recent years, having in the distant past been an avid reader. The present situation has made me add more reading to writing; thank goodness for Kindle and, for the classics, the Gutenberg project. To answer your question, I just finished Lee Child’s second ‘Jack Reacher’ novel (Kindle edition). I prefer a real book of course but that’s not possible now.
    We recently talked about touching: it’s really weird, and difficult, for Petronela and I observing the 2 metre rule but hopefully the need for that in our home will soon end.
    Stay safe. Best wishes to your husband too.
    It must be extremely difficult being in India just now.


    • I hope you both stay safe and healthy!
      I am so grateful to have a Kindle too. I don’t know when I’ll be able to purchase paperbooks.
      Things here are quite difficult and I would rather be home in Slovenia, but I think we are all in the middle of very difficult times. I hope that changes soon for all of us.

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      • Yes, we are lucky to be at home in Yorkshire. It looks as though we might be ‘isolated’ (ie at least 2 metres apart) from each other for 12 weeks or more. That’s not as a result of my health condition; evidently Petronela’s medication lowers her immunity a lot, even more than mine.
        Stay safe, Rx

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  2. Hi Kristina! Well, my husband and I are now working at home together. We share an apartment so there’s not much space but we are making do! We do get outside and walk the dog a couple of times a day. We live in a separate building from tye rest of my family but we all eat our meals together. We are all practicing social distancing from each other. My mom is 78 and has asthma so we are very conscious of her possibly being targeted by this virus. Truthfully, I am terrified of that. We are making safe choices and thats all we can do!

    Currently I am reading a new ARC called To Have and To Hoax. A historical romance.
    Take care! I’d love to hear more about living in India!

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    • Hi, Deborah! I am glad you’re being safe. We are on a lockdown until the middle of April. I don’t even know if it’s the second or third week with social distancing. Thankfully, we live in a gated community and are allowed to go for walks. I am also thankful to have a store in the community because we can’t drive here and the company’s driver can’t come. When they announced stricter rules about lockdown on Tuesday, the police stopped essential service providers and made the panic worse because people started panic-buying and there was a big shortage of essentials. Four days later and things still aren’t back to normal but they are slightly better.
      My husbands works from home and it’s a super stressful period for him so I try to help any way I can. We created a daily routine and now we’re trying to stick to it.

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      • Wow. That sounds very challenging. It must be so hard to be in a country that isn’t your own during something like this. I was reading the other day that India does not have a great healthcare system and thats why they are seriously locking things down. They can’t afford an uncontrollable situation. I hope you all stay safe and healthy. Meanwhile the US, a supposed superpower has ignored the situation for too long and now finds ourselves fighting our federal government for supplies. It is certainly stressful! On a more positive note, I love how “social distancing” is bringing people together. Neighbors are standing six feet apart and having a beer together, couples are gardening together, parents are playing with their kids. I think we will be a different world when this is all over and it maybe a better one! Take care!

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