WWW Wednesday

…on a Thursday. 😉 I’m a rebel like that.

I have been going through highs and lows in my reading pace. There have been weeks where I read two books and then some when I couldn’t bring myself to read a single page. But I stop myself from obsessing over it because it’s a period none of us had experienced before and I believe that we need to be kind to ourselves and to others. Whatever makes this time of lockdown easier for you embrace it. Because one thing might work for someone else but not for you and vice versa. Let it go and do your best.


All my books are e-books because currently, I can’t get paperbacks here in India so Kindle has been a lifesaver. I can’t tell you how much I’m craving to hold a physical book and flip actual pages. The first one I manage to actually get…I might sleep with it tightly in my arms just because. 😉




Last night, I finished Parental Guidance by Avery Flynn. It was a fun and easy read—perfect for this period. I don’t want to read anything too dramatic and angsty right now.





The next book in the series is my current read. Easy and breezy with a lot of funny banter is just what I prescribed for myself.







A couple of weeks ago, I read Angry God by L. J. Shen and then saw that her new book, The Hunter, is out so I purchased it in the Kindle Store. I’m sure it’ll be intense, hot and full of great one-liners.

P.S. I love black and white covers with a bright title.




Tell me…what did you read? What you’re reading? And what are you going to read next?

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