Make Quarantine your Bitch

The nights morphed into days. She simply didn’t feel positive and motivated. Monday to Friday didn’t feel that much different from Saturday and Sunday. Her working hours of nine to five stretched out far longer. She ate out of packets and made microwave her best friend (they had great, open talks). And her bed…ugh, her bed…it was her soulmate (the bed loved some gossip about the microwave).

The stress of her higher workload, of only seeing her family and friends through screens, of the concerns of heading out for groceries…everything poured into a deep, black pool of anxiety, making it feel like she was immersed in it. Every move was labored, the weight was pressing against her body, and her head felt like exploding. Her lungs were pleading for air, her brain begging for a freezer.

It was all too much. Too much at once, too much during the day and during the night. She couldn’t go on like this anymore. She wouldn’t do this to herself.

It was the middle of the night but since her schedule was flipped upside down and she was feeling like a hamster going crazy on a wheel, she got up and wrote herself a pledge. Tomorrow, she would make changes and do better for herself. Tomorrow, she would make the quarantine her bitch.

(Hope you’re doing the same. 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “Make Quarantine your Bitch

  1. Great to see a short, short story from you.
    Quarantine must be particularly difficult for you, being so far from friends and family.
    I’m not finding it so bad. I wrote something about it for our village newsletter. It seems to have gone down well with the readership, the editor tells me.
    Maybe I’ll send it to you one way or another.

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