If You Could

(Just a story)

Bleeding Broken Heart by DarkWolf-BlackHeart on DeviantArt

I gave you my all. My heart and my soul, my body, were yours. Unconditionally and unlimitedly. You had my love, my trust, my respect. You had it all. I gave you all. And you tossed it away. You didn’t cherish it enough, it wasn’t valuable enough. You took it and lost it. I just wish you had taken the love with you too. Because it hurts. Everything hurts. Trying to exist and function pains me, getting up in the morning brings anguish, attempting to erase the memories we had created is an agony. I hate you. And I hate myself for that not being true completely. I don’t want you back because the cut is too deep. I know that if you could take it back, you would. But it doesn’t work that way. And I know that if you could, you would be a better man. But you weren’t. You’re not.

2 thoughts on “If You Could

  1. I detect the ‘lockdown’ in India is getting you a bit down, even if you had not said it already. This is more pessimistic than your usual stories. I’m finding it to stay my usual optimistic faced with the incompetence, even stupidity, of the Government here in the UK!

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    • It depends on the day really. Sometimes I find it laughable and funny, and then other times, when they make it harder (and almost impossible) to go home for a visit, I get frustrated. But generally speaking, I think I’m still positive and upbeat. Because I have to be. 🙂 Thanks for the concern though. Stay healthy and optimistic!


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