Waking up

She stretched her body in bed and rolled over to the opposite side, gliding her hand over his pillow. Breathing his scent in. Fantasizing about the sleeping pose she would have found him in if he were home, and how he would have wiggled his ass into her lap to be the little spoon. 

She closed her eyes and clutched onto the pillow, imagining hugging his firm body. She smiled, hearing his morning compliments. She bit her lip, feeling his mouth on her. She moaned, smelling his breakfast surprises.

It had only been a few days and there would only be a few more before she would be with him, but she missed him immensely. She wanted to be with him every waking hour, sleep next to him every single night.

She took her phone and sent him a photo of blowing him a kiss. “I love you,” she wrote under it.

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