The One with You: Blurb

Taya Thompson has accomplished everything she dreamed of as a child. At the age of thirty, she is cemented in the eyes of fans and critics as one of the greats in music. Her irresistible appeal, expressive voice, and honest lyrics charm the hell out of everyone watching and listening to her—in the audience or in her company.

But sometimes dreams come true and feel like nightmares. Privately, she struggles to find lasting happiness and balance, looking for flings and parties to distract her from the loneliness and sadness caused by her estranged parents and her failed romances, which confirm that most men won’t be the one but will make great songs. What brings her pain and concern gives her inspiration and transforms her songs into a mysterious riddle everyone wants to solve and also makes the tabloid vultures salivate, shrinking her private and comfortable world.

Her personal growth takes her from cowering as a shy teenager to fighting against anyone trying to cross a boundary and to finally accepting the attention and realizing how to control the circus without losing her mind over it. It takes a lot of drama and heartbreak but she manages to find her way to inner balance and happiness. That brings her a better relationship with her parents and maybe even another chance at love.

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