WWW Wednesday

Hey, y’all! (I’ve never said it outloud and I never will. 🙂 )


I’ve been reading quite a lot lately and so I wanted to share with you what my ghosts of Books Past, Books Present and Books Future are.


What I finished reading:

1. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I don’t know what to say about it really. I liked it but I didn’t love it. I just didn’t connect to the story and the characters. I don’t know if is them being in college, or that the fanfictiom reminded me of Harry Potter.

2. Lead by Kylie Scott

I have to say I did enjoy this one and plan on getting the rest of the books in the series.


What I’m reading now:

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins


What I’m reading next:

A while ago I bought Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and I haven’t read it yet. It might just be my next fictional destination.


Have you read any of the books? Did you like them?


The curse of curse words

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I do have to say that I am an occasional curse words user. If someone dares to approach me saying that women shouldn’t curse, I immediately want to scream at them: “I can fucking use fucking curse words if I fucking want to!” But I normally opt for a bit of a mellowed-out version, maybe letting my eyes reveal the unspoken. Not only don’t I get what the big deal is, I definitely don’t understand what gender has to do with it.

I mean, curse words sometimes express just that particular shade of emotion and meaning you want to convey. There are some situations where the use of them is simply mandatory. Imagine stubbing your toe and going “Oh, dear!” Or when someone cuts you off on the road, will “Fudgety fudgesticks!” work? If someone makes you infuriated and you need to release some frustration in a monologue, will using “Shnookerdookies!” do that for you? Not for me. I don’t even care to try.

I don’t mind having them in books either. I’ve even used them myself. In a certain scene they add that something you’ve been chasing while writing.

What about you? Do you mind reading curse words?

A letter to herself…

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Her mind is flooded with thoughts, doubts and fears, anxious and restless, feeling as if she is leaning over the edge of a cliff, barely hanging on, as she sits down, making herself write a letter addressed to her, needing a release, hoping that it might change something. That it might make her feel better.

She’s had enough, drowning in life and people in it. She feels as if she has no one to share her thoughts with, nowhere to turn to. She knows that anyone she loves and would normally confide in would be insulted and hurt by the words that are threatening to come out of her mouth.

Yet resentment towards life is pushing her towards melancholy and frustration. She resents people around her and yet talking about it, acknowledging it all, will make it worse, will make her feel even more guilty. It will add to the overwhelmingly intensity of the turmoil waging war inside her. So she suffers in silence, while bits of her heart chip away with every second.

She knows she should voice what’s going on in her mind. She should let them all know but she is certain that putting it on someone else will make her feel worse. Opening her mouth, making her agony heard, will backfire and the load will become unbearable.

So she steps away from the desk, leaving the pen next to her not even started letter, and goes into the shower, turning up the music, letting hot water run over her body as she lets all her emotions and thoughts out in a sob that makes her body shake and her heart break, as air leaves her lungs.

Hot water turns to cold and she steps out of the bathroom, starts over and faces the same world and people in it, the pressure released for the time being, but threatening to come back soon.

Sunshine Blogger Awards

I saw this book tag on mistysbookspace and I enjoyed reading it and thought it would be fun to answer the questions she wrote. It involves answering 11 questions and then writing 11 new questions.

So here it goes…

1. What is your dream vacation location?

I really want to visit every content (leaving Antarctica for the last destination, of course) and see as many countries as possible. I just want to see it all. But when I think about a dream vacation location I immediately think of Bora Bora and staying in a luxury resort with those cottages in the sea.

2. When would you say you became a reader?

I can’t tell you the exact time but as long as I can remember I’ve always been an utter bookworm. I would always come back home from the library with a pile of books taller than me and I would devour them just to repeat the same again as soon as possible. The difference now is just that I prefer buying books and not borrowing them. And I buy more books than shoes which says a lot.

3. What was the last book series you completed?

I’m so glad that I can give this answer to the question. I just finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child yesterday and thus finished reading the Harry Potter series. I fell in love with it all over again.

4. What is your biggest bookish pet peeve?

Easy! I hate it when people don’t understand that when someone is reading they don’t want to be interrupted. I just hate it when a person approaches me and asks me if I’m reading while I have my nose in my book. No, I’m freaking patting a unicorn.

5. Do you have any unique talents? If so what are they?

I can move my pinky toe without moving the other toes. Is that unique? I don’t know. I can’t really go up to people and ask them to take their shoes and socks off and try to move their littlest toe. I could though just to see their faces. 🙂

6. What character do you wish was a real person in your life?

Severus Snape. The character made me laugh so much. I love his dark humor.

giphy (8)

7. Aside from reading what are some of your other passions?

My biggest passion is writing. I have never felt so strongly about anything. I can’t and don’t want to imagine my life without writing. And publishing my first contemporary romance novel, Equinox, is my greatest achievement. I just feel so inspired even by writing itself.

8. What is your favorite genre?

It really depends on my mood; sometimes it’s one and then it’s the other. But I do think that romance might take the crown. Although fantasy and mystery might come very close.

9. Who is your favorite author?

I don’t know. I can never pick just one. For anything. Anywhere. I’m useless when it comes to choosing favourites. But I do think that JK Rowling will always have a special place with me, no matter what life stage I’m in.

10. Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?

A vampire. I hate hairs and being a werewolf would mean too much grooming and shaving.

11. What fictional world do you wish you could be a part of?

If I could combine magic and underwater world, I would definitely want to be there. Maybe even some music. Ha ha, can you imagine a non-animated underwater musical? I can but don’t want to. 🙂



  1. What’s the one thing you can’t live without?
  2. Can you cook or bake? What’s your speciality?
  3. What would be your dream spot for reading?
  4. What’s you favorite thing to do in your spare time?
  5. What would your Patronus be?
  6. When buying books, what seals the deal: the cover, the blurb or having already read the author?
  7. What’s the first thing you do when getting up? What’s the last thing you do before going to bed?
  8. What’s your least favourite book genre?
  9. In your opinion, what’s the best book adaptation in the film industry?
  10. What drives you (most) crazy?
  11. What is the character that you would not want to meet in real life?

And I tag you all! I want to know more about you so I’d love for you to answer my questions and tell me about it.


Harry Bloody Potter

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I’m 29 years old and I spent the past (almost) two months hidden behind the Harry Potter books, fitting reading into my day whenever and wherever I could. I cried, I laughed, I bit my nails and I clutched the pages so tightly my knuckles turned white. And I’m not ashamed to say it, damn it, I’m proud of it. From the first line of the first book to the last one of the last book I was under an unbreakable spell of the story. If I had wanted (and I definitely didn’t), I couldn’t have put any of the books aside and do something else.

I’ve always been a massive fan of Harry Potter but this is the first time that I actually read the books in English. Why only now? That’s the question I will never stop asking myself and I will never forgive myself for it. Never!

One of my fondest childhood memories is receiving Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone as a Christmas present from a relative. And HP has been a part of my life ever since. I can’t even tell you the number of times I  have watched the movies. But there is one thing I am sure of and can share: I will not stop reading or watching it.

I am in awe of what it means to me as an individual and what it means to so many people around the world. The stories hold such an immense power to be able to captivate children of all ages and adults as well. I’m sure that I’ll read it and enjoy just as much on my deathbed.

The series simply fills me with so much creative energy. I find it absolutely thrilling and stupefyingly (wink wink) mesmerizing. I can’t imagine a better feeling than to write something that so many like. I’m on cloud nine any time someone express a positive opinion about my book but to have it be read and loved by so many, to create so many fanatics… Just the idea of it excites me beyond anything else.

What I find even more amazing is that something so widely popular is also something of such good quality, with so many important and positive messages. I’m glad that (especially) kids around the world can be engrossed into a story that teaches them love is the main and unbeatable force, that goodness prevails, that your origin doesn’t matter. And that girls kick just as many asses as boys. I applaud JK Rowling for creating characters that are so versatile and project such strong ideas. To not make differences based on gender and sexual orientation in the HP world and to integrate this mentality into the lives of readers, especially those that are still growing and maturing, is pivotal and praiseworthy.

I must say that I also enjoy her as a person. I find it amazing that she is not afraid to express and defend her views in her works and in her posts on social media platforms. She has a strong voice with a huge audience and instead of hiding she doesn’t hold back. And I think that is admirable. She would definitely be one of the people that I wouldn’t mind spending some one-on-one with (and a piece of cake).

I’m not too eager to become a mother just yet, but one thing is certain: the first book I’ll read if I have children, will be… Lord of the Rings. Kidding! 🙂 I’ll force my kid to be a manic fan of Harry Potter.


What is the best thing about Harry Potter for you? Do you think its power is multifaceted?

Short story: Booklovers

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A perfect date behind them, she feels happy and eager to get to know him on an intimate level. She imagines peeling off the fabric boundaries between them, unwrapping each other like presents they have always wished for. Her palms are sweaty, her heart is racing. She has been waiting for this moment since meeting him.

Her stomach does a somersault as the numbers over the elevator door tell them they’re approaching their destination. Her nerves and excitement are intensifying in synch as the numbers get higher. Her whole body feels on fire with anticipation; she can’t wait to touch him and yet she is afraid the sensation of skin-to-skin contact might prove to be too much to bear for one heart.

He turns to smile at her as the lift comes to a stop. Her heart skips a beat, a consequence of his handsome face as well as the sweet anticipation of what’s to come.

She follows him into his apartment, her hand in his, her eyes scanning the lovely space as they enter. He plants a kiss on her lips, tells her to get comfortable, and goes into the bedroom to set the mood, closing the door behind him. She sits down on the sofa, looking around. Her eyes land on his bookcase and his magnificent collection of books. She didn’t think that anyone could rival hers and yet here she is confronted with just that. Her chest tightens at the thought of their common interest.

And then she sees it. Lying there on the coffee table. She doesn’t dare to touch it. But her eyes keep returning to it. She looks quickly away, only to stare at it again. Her arm extends toward the book without telling it to do so. She pulls it back fast, ashamed of her lack of self-control. But I’ve wanted it for so long. She sneaks a glance at the bedroom door and then grabs the book. She glides her fingers over the smooth surface, inhaling the scent of a freshly printed novel. I shouldn’t open it. I shouldn’t.

Opening the book, she lets her eyes feast on the first line. And then the second. Third. And she is lost, completely under the spell of it. She could try to stop. If she wanted to. She forgets about where she is, about who she is with. What matters is the story that is unravelling in front of her.

The door opens and he appears without her even noticing it. At first, his eyes show a slight shock at the shift of her attention, but no one is better to understand it than him. Heading into the kitchen, he pours them some wine and taking a book, he lies down on the couch with his head in her lap.

She plays with his hair absentmindedly as they both turn the pages reading the stories in front of them while creating a story of their own.

Boy, oh, boy…

… it’s been more than a freaking minute.

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Since having published my last post, I wasn’t able to get back into the rhythm of inserting blogging and writing into my daily routine. And because of that, I didn’t completely feel like myself; the past (more than a few) days didn’t feel as if I was taking the fullest advantage of them. No matter what I had managed to accomplish during the day, at the end of it, it didn’t seem right because I didn’t write my book or blog. I was utterly immersed into my work obligations and with the few spare minutes that I had, I just wanted to read.

But this stops today (only the working part, not the reading one)! I’m going to finish writing this post and then I’m going to do some writing. And I’m not going to stop until I drop dead (by that I mean fall asleep, but you get the desperate idea).

What are you up to?