The Real Neat Blog Award

The lovely Kari Lynn M nominated me on her blog for this award and I thought it would be fun to jump into answering her questions today. I just hope there are no questions about favorites because I absolutely suck at those.

Here it goes…

1. How often do you write? How much do you write during a writing session?

I write as often as I can. I crawl in an imaginary hole, hidden from the rest of the world, I pull my laptop out (my precious) and start typing away. But it depends how much I write during one session – anywhere between a word and a chapter.

2. What are your favorite scenes from any movies, shows, games, ect.?

(Shit.)  I can’t name favorite movies, shows etc. how the hell am I supposed to name my favorite scenes?? I just don’t knooow.

I’m trying to think of something. Okay, the scene in Wonder Woman when Diana gets out of the gutter during the battle and defeats the enemy, giving every one on her side hope and faith. I’d love to read that scene described in a book. It would be spectacular to read.

giphy (1).gif

Oh, and seeing the end credits of the Mortal Instruments movie because boy, oh, boy…they didn’t do a good job.

When it comes to TV shows… I’m in a bit of slump currently. I did start watching Game of Thrones so maybe naming a favorite scene won’t be as challenging after a few days/weeks.

3. What writers or authors do you look up to/admire?

I admire anyone that writes and publishes a book or series, and consequently manages to create a world of fans that are beyond loyal and adore the book(s). That is simply phenomenal. It must be an incredible feeling. It’s hard to name people because there are so many that either pioneer a genre, or develop it further, or offer something refreshing. And anyone that can stand the test of time, remaining significant after many years, decades even…deserves all the admiration and praise.

There are really so many: J.K. Rowling, Tolkien, Emily Brontë (I love Wuthering Heights.), Thomas Hardy, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Agatha Christie, Suzanne Collins… And then I enjoy reading a lot of contemporaries, especially in romance genre.

4. If you could change any part of anything you’ve ever written… what would you change, or would you decide to not change anything?

I’ve written one romance novel and am currently writing the second one in the series. Despite the hurricane of self-doubt and self-consciousness being ever-present inside my mind, I don’t think I would change anything about my first book. I am a strong believer in no regrets because our past and the actions in it have brought us to the present moment. And changing one element can alter the now.

What I would do differently is that I’d start blogging, promoting the book and sharing the process of writing beforehand and not at the time of actually publishing it.

5. What’s your favorite dessert?

I. Am. Such. A. Sugar. Junkie. I like anything and everything sweet. I’d say that ice cream takes the prize for me. It’s so difficult to resist it (and mostly I don’t even bother); especially when summer is as hot as this year.

giphy (2).gif

6. What all genres of writing have you experimented with before? Which ones, if there are any, would you like to try in the future?

I’ve only written contemporary romance so far but I’ve got a few ideas that would not fit into this particular genre and I can’t wait to explore them. I’m attracted to writing NA fantasy.

7. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what do you listen to the most or what helps you write the most?

I normally don’t write without listening to something but it depends on the mood I’m in. Sometimes I go for classical, sometimes for rock, r’n’b, hip-hop, and sometimes for whatever is popular now. I love choosing one song on YouTube and then write, letting the songs continue on randomly. There are hands thrown in the air, hair flipped, loud singing and fingers typing away the words.

8. And… bonus question… Have you ever been or would you ever go skydiving?

I have never been but it’s been on my bucket list for quite a few years. I just need to do it before my age grows and my courage diminishes.

See you on Thursday! 😉

What I’m writing now



I’ve just read a few What I’m reading now posts, so I thought that I would shift it into What I’m writing now.

With a mug of hot cocoa (while it’s 31°C, almost 88°F, outside), sitting in front of my laptop, my usual location and position, I’m in the middle of finishing Chapter 21. And in this one, Alexis has to face some people from her past that she thought she would never have to see again (or maybe even for the first time, uh oh).

The reasoning behind it is that the past is a period in our lives that we have moved on from, it’s meant to teach us, push us forward. It’s not meant for living in it and obsessing over it. Sometimes, however, you can’t affect events that are rooted in the past and come back to haunt your present, threatening to be an element of your future.

It’s terrifying how one changed aspect of your reality can rattle your world if you let it. And sometimes it’s not even up to you to allow it, you are simply left with dealing with consequences of someone else’s actions.

So what should you do? How should it be handled? You are left with trusting and following your instincts, protecting yourself and everything you have.

But, how does Alexis handle the situation and what leads to the events of her coming face to face with someone unwanted? That can only be read in the second novel of the Alpha Series.

FYI, the first novel is available on Amazon and Kindle and I’ve got a surprise coming up.


Have a lovely day!

What I’m reading now…


I’ve been so at ease for the past couple of days. As I told you in one of my latest posts, I’m on my summer break and I’ve finally been able to simply do things that I enjoy most. I had missed reading and writing so much and now I’m getting my fix (might overdose actually).

I’ve started reading The Hacker Series by Meredith Wild. It’s a series of contemporary romance novels and it’s exactly what I want right now – relaxation, entertainment and some thrills. And the books surely deliver. I’ve finished four books and I’m starting the fifth one today (hopefully).

But I do have to say that the story has made me roll my eyes a few times (not that it takes much). I swear, if I had a sip of alcohol every time the main female character says please or begs, I would be wasted by the end of the book. Is it really something that women are attracted to? Want? I do not want to beg. I do not want to say please to someone who wants me to grovel. Where is the pleasure in wanting to be dominated or to dominate? And both to such an extent? To me, it’s simply humiliating.

Also, when the idea of being owned was brought up, I almost threw the book across the room. That expression paints such an intense picture of being lost, of being overpowered. And who would want to get lost in someone else, in a relationship (of whatever nature)? I agree that being in a loving, respectful, trusting, happy relationship means that your partner owns a part of you because you’ve given it to them. But to say someone owns everything, even the right to make decisions for you, well that is slave imprisonment and not a romantic partnership. Is the idea of being completely controlled, dominated, bulldozed so appealing?

I don’t want to be owned and I sure as hell don’t want to own someone else. I want to want someone and not need them for survival. In my eyes, a relationship should consist of two equal individuals and not one person and their doormat addition.

Otherwise, every novel in the series is exciting and thrilling, full of drama. The books deliver on everything you would want and expect from a contemporary romance novel. The author’s style is very descriptive and enchanting. It has made me want to read some parts twice, simply for her wording and conveyance.

I took the fourth book with me on my weekend getaway, and like the rest of the series, it managed to make the heat on the beach even hotter and yet less noticeable at the same time – it brings steaminess and it draws you in undoubtedly.


What are you currently reading?



I’m so excited to share with you that I have teamed up with the Bookfairies in US and they are spreading my books. They’ve actually been left at the Dallas Airport for people to find. I hope anyone who finds a copy enjoys it and maybe reaches out.

I’m off to my weekend trip, hoping the rest of your week is spectacular.



Jumping into the world of words

Like I wrote in my previous post, a demanding exam is behind me and now I also started my summer vacation today. I’m so excited for the next few weeks; I have big plans for my author career. Even the past few days were one of the best in a while because I managed to relax and read some books that have been waiting patiently for me; I also got to write more and there is nothing that can match the joy that brings me.

giphy (5)

But I do have to say that it hasn’t been an easy transition with jumping back into writing my second novel. When I was studying and my work schedule was hectic as fiction-worthy hell, I didn’t have time to write and it was the longest period without writing or dealing with books in any way. So I finally found the time to sit down behind my laptop and finish Chapter 18. And it wasn’t a completely easy comeback. After I wrote four pages, something clicked and I realized that I switched points of view in the middle of the chapter. I had to go back and re-write the last pages. Thank God, I found humor in it and just broke out in laughter (no tears shed for this perfectionist).

giphy (6).gif

I’ve been writing and reading and then editing paragraphs trying to dive back into the story and the mind space of the characters and myself as the writer of those. The hiatus didn’t help because it took me some pages to reconnect. But I can say that every sentence gets me closer to being where I had left writing more than a month ago. And I am beyond thrilled to finish Chapter 19 today and then continue. All of the ideas are bubbling under the surface, barely hidden, and I can’t wait to let them pour out of me.

I’m also leaving for a short weekend trip to the Croatian coast, the town of Opatija. I can’t wait to soak up some sun, sea, beaches, books and of course spend some time with my boyfriend – we’re so busy usually and now we can make up for some lost time. And of course, I’m thinking about how many and what books to pack as well as where and when to sneak in an hour or several of writing ;).

giphy (7).gif

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and let me know about your plans in the comments!

I’m baaaack!

giphy (4).gif

It’s been such a hectic few weeks, filled with more obligations that I can count. I was studying for a gruesome exam at work that put terror and indescribable fear in me. I swear I have never been more nervous about anything. I studied every day, morning to night (and even later). The last few days my brain felt as if I had fried it. And it was unbearable. Not to mention how hectic my work schedule was. Or that of course, the rest of my life couldn’t be put on hold. Doing things for fun and doing the things I love most was not possible. Everything and everyone besides the exam and work was paused.

The most difficult thing was not being able to sit down and let my imagination run wild and onto a page. The tap of my creative juices had to be shut tightly. And I missed writing my second book so much. When I let my focus fall, or during a short break, I thought about the next plot twist, about ideas for the story-line, about the development of characters… I was anxious to get back to writing.

I also couldn’t wait to lie (preferably in the sun), grab a book and read for enjoyment, not out of obligation. My need for opening a fresh, new novel and flipping the pages, letting them transport me into the story, was beyond strong. I stared at the books I haven’t read yet and kept promising them they’re next. (Yup, I lost my mind slightly during studying.)

I missed blogging, writing my posts and reading great pieces on other blogs. I still haven’t fallen back into the rhythm – because writing and reading have been an irresistible priority – but I am going to do my hardest to jump back into it as soon as possible. I’m super excited to see what I’ve missed and I am eager to share my posts with you.

I hope you’re all doing well, enjoying a new book, writing… Whatever floats your boat. Now, I’m off to finish the chapter I’m currently working on and then check some of the blog post that I missed this month. I’m very excited for both.



The boy who lived…


…and came into our lives.

Today marks 20 years since JK Rowling bestowed upon us a book that has left an impact in the lives of so many people. You might not like Harry Potter (and should talk to someone 😉 ) but no one can deny their knowledge of his existence. It has certainly been a part of my life.

It’s one of the first books, if not the first one (I’m not a credible source of my toddler years) that I received. I was in elementary school and my mom’s cousin, my confirmation sponsor, gave it to me for Christmas. And ever since opening the book, I have been hooked to everything connected to it. The Potter series is also one of the best, most spectacular presents I have ever received. My family bought it for my birthday this year because despite loving it I hadn’t owned it. And now that I have it (my precious), it’s a priority on my summer reading list to read it again.

I’m sure there are so many people who cherish it, as part of their childhood, adolescence, as well as adulthood. I certainly do. If I have a child, his/her first word might just be Harry. Or Expecto Patronum. No pressure there.

My sister and I have even watched and re-watched the movies so many times, devouring every scene and every single word. And we are bound to do it again. And again. As senior citizens, with false teeth, waving our arms as if holding a wand. (Just kidding. Maybe.)

As powerful as HP is as a character, Rowling’s words are just as powerful. Few have been able to do what she has done, becoming such a strong presence in the lives of so many readers. I can’t imagine how glorious it is to be aware of the fact that your work has affected so many people. It must be magical.

So today is a celebration of Harry Potter and everything he represents. But also of the great JK Rowling; thank you for giving us HP and his adventures. And also thank you for creating Hermione Granger, a strong female character that children and teens can look up to.