Equinox is a contemporary romance novel and the first book in The Alpha Series.

The plot:

One ordinary morning turns out to be fateful for two people who have more in common than they might think or accept at first glance.

Alexis’s child and teenage years were far from easy but they molded her into the independent and strong young woman she is today. Because of her past, she wants complete control over her own present and future, refusing to allow anything throw her off balance. Even true love.

Colton King might seem like he has all he has ever wanted: he has worked and found his way away from his broken family and any emotional connections, creating a life that protects him from everything unexpected and that is focused on his business.

But everything changes when they lay eyes on each other and their attraction takes them by storm. Soon, they find themselves in uncharted territory, their comfort and idea of selves threatened by needing what they’ve never wanted.

Overcoming obstacles, Alexis and Colton fight against what they’ve always been and for each other, even when people from their pasts threaten to jeopardize their new relationship.

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