Book No. 3

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I’m so excited to share with you that I finished my third book on Sunday. This book has nothing to do with the previous two, which are part of the Alpha Series; it’s a standalone novel.

Yesterday, I began the editing process. First, I’m going to focus on the story and then the language. I adore the story and I want to make sure it is portrayed as I have it pictured in my mind, and I’m going to work on it until it does. I don’t have any deadlines but I do want to be done with it in the fall. And start with the next one. 🙂

The title, as you can deduce, is The One with You. I started writing it without having a title in mind. And during the process of creating the story, I jotted down some ideas for the title but neither spoke to me. My instincts were telling me that a clear idea would manifest itself by the end of the book. And it did. I was on the last page, and it popped into my mind and filled the last missing piece for the story. It’s just…it’s perfect for the plot, and it makes so much sense. I love it when you’re reading a novel and find the connection to the title. It’s like a small Eureka moment. And I love doing that as a writer too. Do you like that? What’s your opinion?

I would love to reveal more and hear your thoughts on it but I won’t/can’t. 🙂 I want to edit it and then when it’s done, I’ll share all about the story and the characters, the thoughts behind it, and of course, the cover. I can’t wait to share more with you.

See you on Sunday. XO



Tamra never wanted children. With her four siblings, the house was too loud and too chaotic growing up. At the age of fifteen, she vowed to never have a child and to focus on her career and get everything she not only needed but wanted.

But Thomas changed her life. He changed her priorities and made her see life in a different light. Everything was rosier and brighter. Everything smelled nicer, tasted better. Was softer to the touch. Her heart was full of love for him. For the man she married two years ago.

And now she felt the urge to complete their love in the most beautiful way possible. She couldn’t stop thinking about it. She caught herself daydreaming about it. It occupied her mind at night.

She pictured what the baby would get from each of them. She hoped it would have her husband’s beautiful brown eyes and full lips. His sense of humor and wit. Her messiness so they would drive Thomas nuts together. She wanted their unborn baby to have her creativeness, his savviness, and their drive.

But she was certain of one thing: the child of their love would be nothing but perfect. Nothing short of extraordinary. Everything they are and much more.

What have you been reading/writing/doing?

I’ve been reading Everything is Fucked. I really enjoyed the author’s previous book (The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck) but I am struggling with this one.

My husband and I have been watching quite a few shows. We finished Broadchurch, Chernobyl and When They See Us. I recommend each of them. When They See Us broke my heart but I believe everyone should watch it.

It’s been hectic here in India. We planned to travel to Kerala, a beautiful state with backwaters, hills, beaches, gorgeous cities and so much. But we had to postpone it because the monsoon is wreaking havoc. We’ve been trying to have some other adventures, like having a one-day sightseeing tour of Bangalore, going to see Hogenakkal Falls etc. And we’ve been making future plans for traveling as well.

But I need to get back to writing. There are just a few more pages left before I finish my current book. I want to jump into editing and complete the whole process to send it out this fall.

What are you up to? What are you reading and/or writing? What are you watching? Doing?


“It didn’t mean anything.”

The words he said through the door still echo in her mind. Each syllable was like a marble hitting her skull, trying to break through the bone. She didn’t think anything could pain her more than seeing the visual proof he had cheated but as soon as she heard his explanation the fragments of her broken heart smashed into dust.

She sat on the floor, her back straight and her head leaning against the door. She didn’t know if he had left. She didn’t know if she cared. She couldn’t get up because getting up meant she needed to go into a certain direction. She wasn’t ready to make a decision. She wasn’t ready to process it and yet she had to. He pushed her into this, he made her do this.

In one night, he burned everything they had built. In one moment, he destroyed everything. And yet… It didn’t mean anything.

It might not have meant anything. But it mattered. It mattered to her.

It Exists

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True love exists. It exists in novels, movies, songs. It exists in real life. It happens in fictional and actual stories.


How do I know?

Because women, when they love truly and deeply, are capable of changing their men. They’re capable of transforming a cynic into a romantic, a player into a husband.


Because men, when they love truly and deeply and admit it to themselves, are capable of being changed. They’re capable of allowing their loved ones to change them. And they provoke change from their partners too.

Are you sure?

Not believing in true love is a hopeless place where there is no room for improvement, for evolution. It has no trust, no respect. It’s a world doomed from the start. True love prevails everything.


My fingers slowly graze your skin from your wrist to your shoulder. I think of all the times I have done the same thing, of all the years I have been doing it. And yet your skin always erupts in goosebumps, your body always admits that it recognizes my touch and likes it. It’s thrilling to know the extent of the effect I have on you and your body and you can’t do anything about it. Even if you wanted to. It’s the same with me. My heart races when you look at me; a smile splits my face; my body turns to you. It’s like you share your body with me and I share mine with you. There is no other explanation… We are one.