Eclipse is out !!

After some issues (because life’s a bitch any chance it gets) Eclipse is out as a paperback and e-book. I do hope you go and buy it and read it and tell me all about. And that you have a phenomenal Monday and week.


Hear Ye, Hear Ye

I’ve mentioned it once or twice (or fifty-seven thousand times) that I am releasing my second book this Friday, May 31. If you are interested in the plot and cover, here they are. But before you get the second one, you might need to read the 1st one and so I decided to make it available for free on Kindle from tomorrow and until Friday. I do hope you check both of them out.

Have a great Monday and see you on Wednesday (I think I’m going to do a short story 😉 )

Bad Day

Most of the time, she didn’t equate lonely with being alone; majority of the days, Val liked it. She preferred being alone because people normally brought baggage with them and she felt it all, leaving feeling heavier.

But today was a bad one. A day where she needed someone to be there; she needed someone to be next to her, no talking, no interaction. Just be there. Just be with her. Cooking alone, eating alone, working alone, sleeping alone…all she felt was alone.

Val thought about calling her dad, her mom had passed three years ago, but he was on a romantic getaway with his new girlfriend and she didn’t want to interrupt—it was no life-and-death matter. Her relationship with her brother hadn’t been the same since the death of their mother, so she didn’t feel like she could call him. The new people she met were more colleagues she hung out after work than friends; she wasn’t ready to open up to them.

And everyone else in her life…Val didn’t want to impose. And phone calls were just a Band-Aid on her bad day. She needed presence. Today, she was in desperate need for someone there. She was tired from starting a new job and a new life; she missed the boring routine she ran away from. Today, the known monotony sounded better than the exciting unknown.

She poured herself a glass of wine and grabbed her current read. Opening the balcony door, the glass slipped from her fingers and she stepped back. “Who are you?”

“Hi, neighbor. I thought I’d come introduce myself.” The stranger stood up and smirked. He was hot, she would give him that. But that’s not the point. Serial killers can be charming too.

“You could’ve used the door.”

“I could. I’m Ian,” he said, smiling.

She couldn’t stop her eyes from roaming his handsome face and his fit body. But he didn’t have to do that; he was well-aware how attractive his new neighbor was. How beautiful her hazel eyes were; how good she looked in her work attire; and how she looked even better in those workout clothes four times a week.

“I’m Val.”

“What are you reading?” he asked, taking the book from her. He surely didn’t consider personal boundaries; no one was allowed to touch her books.

“Just picked it up this morning. I heard it has great reviews.”

“It sucks.”

Her mouth fell open; it was one of her favorite authors. No work of his sucked. “Not possible.”

“Get me another glass of wine and I’ll tell you why you’re in for a rude awakening.”

He was direct and it was a quality she wasn’t used to. “If I get the wine, what do you bring to the table?”

“My charming looks and amazing viewpoints.”

She chuckled inwardly, not giving him the satisfaction. “Then you take this glass, because I’ll need a bottle.”

Ian laughed. “Sounds great. Everything is better after a bottle of wine.”



I didn’t start writing this with this story in mind but it had a mind of it own. So here we are.

Allow me to kindly remind you to go and buy my damn book. 🙂 Equinox is out and Eclipse is joining it on May 31. 

Eclipse excerpt

Eclipse is coming May 31 and I am so excited, so I wanted to share a special excerpt from the book. I won’t tell you where this part is included in the book—the start, middle or end—but I will tell you that I envisioned this series to represent stages of a committed relationships: meeting and building a relationship in book 1, getting engaged and married in book 2, and the last book will be about them as a married couple. I do hope you read it once it’s out. 🙂



My eyes follow the white carpet with the white petals strewn at the sides of it, candles carefully illuminating the way.

And at the end of it all, the most beautiful face, smiling brightly at me, his eyes full of love and affection. Despite the room’s exquisiteness, it all fades, it all disappears, as soon as my eyes get locked with Colton’s.

I count down my steps with each that I take.

Just five more.

My legs start moving faster, pulled towards him.

Just one more.

He takes my hand and immediately electricity shoots through me. It’s a sensation I never knew before and one I could never live without now that I’ve had a taste.

I can’t focus on the words; I can’t even confirm whether the person who is supposed to officiate our marriage is here. Those intense eyes that turn gentle as soon as they land on me have locked me in.

“Alexis and Colton have written their own vows they would like to say.”

Colton smiles warmly, caressing my cheek. “You’ve had me under a spell since the very first morning the universe let me see those bright eyes of yours. You were like a ghost following me everywhere I went, making it impossible to erase you. One short, routine moment made sure that I found the only person I want to share my life with. Without you there is no life worth living. Alexis, I will do everything to make you happy. I will give you all the love and respect I can and even more. You won’t have to ask for anything. I won’t stop until I give you the world, siren.”

Thank God for water-proof makeup. My tears start trailing down my face as I listen to his words, as I watch the sincerity and determination etched on his face. The words wrap around my heart, warming me.

“I love you. And hurry up so I can kiss you,” he whispers only to me, smiling.

“I love you and I promise I won’t obey you and will always challenge you.” Our audience starts chuckling but to me it seems as if they are behind a wall of haze, in a separate room. His face is all I see in focus as I continue. “Someone might not believe there is such a thing as perfection but you are perfect for me in every sense. You are my whole world, the one that matters most to me. You’ve touched my heart, soul and body. You are the reason why I finally feel complete, why I feel like I’ve finally found my place. With you I’ve found my home. I can’t wait to start my life with you. I promise to love you unconditionally and to never leave you. I am you and you are me. Forever. And I promise to minimize the use of the word okay.”

“And fine,” he adds to my vows.

And it’s here

I’m so excited to announce that my contemporary romance novel EQUINOX is live on Kindle and Amazon.

I’m proud of the changes I made and I believe you won’t be disappointed if you decide to buy it. And I definitely think you should.

Now I need to get back to editing because the second one will not get published alone (sadly).

My Own Tormentor

I had something else planned but these past few days have made me want to get this out of me. And if I could, I’d do that literally. 

I’ve shared with you that I’m re-releasing my first book on April 1. It’s a contemporary romance novel that explores the idea of love at first sight and making room for someone else in your life, changing with it. But what is also a significant part in it is having both, female and male characters, equally important, equally strong, equally in control. Equal! No clumsiness on the woman’s part. And no tolerance for assholeness on the man’s part.

I am proud of myself for creating it. I believe it’s an entertaining book that is worth a read. It’s not a collection of essays, it’s a collection of chapters that want to make sure you have fun while reading it.

The writing is not the problem, getting the book out there, promoting it, applying the finishing technical touches… Now those are my tormentors. I am burned out. I wanted, and I still do, to focus on my writing and now that I have that opportunity…the pressure I feel about making the most of it is exhausting. I keep thinking about it and I feel like I just can’t catch a breath. All of it has accumulated into me not being able to sleep, constantly feeling like my brain is on fire. My head burns and it feels like it’s always on. Have you ever experienced that?

There is so much going on inside of me and having identified every emotion almost makes it worst. I am excited and yet I feel scared. I am proud of the end result but I’m filled to the brim with doubt. I love my book and yet hate how much turmoil it causes me. Basically, I’m a mess. But I suppose feeling true passion makes you want to check into an institution. I am trying to unwind somehow before that happens. It doesn’t help that we’ve moved and I’m trying to find comfort out of my comfort zone.

 How do you relax when you feel strained?