F*** people’s expectations!


I remember during my studies at the university I had everything figured out. I just wanted to get married and have children – to have my life revolve around family. And then…

The unthinkable, the unimaginable happened. I’ve changed my opinion.

I’ve changed. My goals have shifted. It’s not that I don’t want children or a husband. But I’m not obsessing over it. If it comes to it, it comes to it. There are too many things to see and to experience to limit yourself. I don’t want to narrow the image of my future. I want to stay true to myself and follow my heart in combination with my reason and intuition.

No one should feel entitled to tell me that at the age of 28 I should have had a child by now; or that I should have at least got engaged, if not married. The miracle of the world is that we each have our own paths. And if I don’t hurt anyone, what do you care??

My sole job in this world is not to  be someone’s wife and mother. That is a glorious role you choose for yourself. It’s not an obligation. Some actually act as if women are only meant to be members of some kind of a maternity institution – chained, pumped with semen and giving birth as often as possible.

Well, sorry for having a different idea. For following my dreams. I apologize that doesn’t coincide with your image of me as a woman. I refuse to let others put limitations on my life. F*** people’s expectations. I have my own expectations about my own life.


10 thoughts on “F*** people’s expectations!

  1. Hello Kristina!

    Nice blog you’ve got here. I love the way you think and I am glad to have found your blog via Community Pool.
    I am 25 and I know exactly what you mean about not obssessively interested in marriage or children. I am from India, where girls are expected to be married and should even pop out a kid before they are 30. So many of my girlfriends’ lives revolve around making themselves ‘marriage material’ while they should be out there, building a career or getting to know the world.

    I won’t deny the benefits of getting married at the right age. Not like my parents are pushing me to make a decision either. But I would love to have the choice where I can get hitched at, oh I don’t know, 35 and not be judged for wanting the same things that a women is expected to wish for if she got married at the ‘right age’.

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  2. I completely agree! I’m 31 and although I don’t object to the idea of marriage and kids I’m not going out of my way to find a husband… If it happens then great, if it doesn’t happen then great as well! 😀 My main priority in life shouldn’t be to attach myself to a man. I have my own dreams, my own opinions and ambitions. Who cares about what others think, right?

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  3. Amen, sister! I’m tired of society making women who choose to be child free (or husband free) feel like subpar citizens because we haven’t pushed a human being out of our nether regions or had a ring put on our finger. Men are applauded and envied for the same. Time for the double standard to end. And for women to embrace who they are, as they are.

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